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A Few Words..


"Art in me, is the way to leave my mark on the world and to negate my mortality. Feelings, memories, observations on the universe and life, influences, and perspectives. There is nothing like the brutal ingrainment of art to convey these messages!


It is my belief that music has the fastest effect on influencing a person's spiritual world. As a musician, I feel deeply honored to have this magical power that can transport people to a wide range of lands of emotions. Telling you my story will evoke an image, but looking at my art or hearing my music will expose you to my feelings. In terms of connection, there is no higher level.


In my music, the greatest inspiration comes to me from the human experience. Everywhere in the world, people are the same. Although we live different lives and have different chances, our vital needs remain the same. As our feelings turn into stories, stories become an art form, art becomes me and you; feelings become again.


My life now revolves primarily around composing, arranging, and creating my own empire through music. More importantly, connecting with people will always come first to me, and doing so through my art and music... How can I even describe it?! Mind-blowing!"


Looking truly forward to collaborating with you.

Introducing true me to true you.

Respectfully and with love.

Yağmur Soydemir

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